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Appointment Options

Welcome to my meeting calendar. To ensure each of our clients receives close attention to detail, most of our communication will consist of email or text. We request all phone calls be scheduled unless you are within 72 hours of traveling.

Please select your meeting request type from the options provided below. I look forward to chatting with you soon.

Image by ian dooley

Complimentary Consultation

Standard or Group travel consultation to learn more about how we can enhance your travel experience.


Special Event Consultation

Complimentary Consult to discuss travel arrangements for special events such as Destination Weddings, Company Retreats, and more!


Client Meeting

This option is available for clients with confirmed reservations that need to discuss their current travel arrangements.

Group Hike

Group Conference Call

Current upcoming group reservations. The Group Concierge Fee must be paid to book this appointment type.

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