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Welcome to my meeting calendar. To ensure each of our clients receives close attention to detail, most of our communication will consist of email or text. We request all phone calls be scheduled unless you are within 72 hours of traveling.

Please select your meeting request type from the options provided below. I look forward to chatting with you soon.

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Schedule your Consultation Call Here

I want to learn more about your travel dreams! This 15-minute consultation lets me know more about your travel needs and if our services will fit you best.


Below I have provided some essential information to review to gain the most knowledge during your consultation.

  • Travel Dates: Please try to have an idea of the specific month you'd like to travel, even if you don't know the exact travel dates.

  • Destination: Please try to have 1-2 destinations in mind. However, no worries if you don't know the exact destination; try thinking of the type of vibe you're looking to experience on vacation (beach, snow, shopping, adventurous, family, romantic, etc.)

  • Price Point: Having a realistic budget in mind for the type of travel experience you'd like to create is significant in the planning process. Keep in mind all of the components you'd like to include in your vacation package to develop a per-person price point for your travel party.

  • Additional Questions: Jot down a list of questions you may have for me in advance. Also, please have a pen and paper ready to write down any important information.

I look forward to speaking with you.

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